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Top 10 Must-Know Public Holidays in Australia for 2024

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Top 10 Must-Know Public Holidays in Australia for 2024

As we approach mid 2024, it’s time to start planning your year around the significant public holidays in Australia. Whether you’re arranging vacations, family gatherings, or simply planning ahead for a restful break, knowing the official public holidays is essential. From the widely celebrated Easter holidays to the significant days in April, this guide covers everything you need to know about public holidays in Australia for 2024.

The Importance of Public Holidays:

Public holidays are more than just days off work; they are opportunities for rest, celebration, and cultural observance. In Australia, these holidays reflect the nation’s diverse culture and history, providing a chance to celebrate heritage, remember historical events, and enjoy the Australian spirit of relaxation.

Easter Holidays 2024:

Date: April 29 (Good Friday) to April 1 (Easter Monday)

The Easter holidays hold a special place in Australia’s calendar, offering a long weekend that many use for gathering with family and embarking on short vacations. In 2024, the Easter holidays will span from Good Friday on March 29 to Easter Monday on April 1, making it an ideal time for those extended weekend getaways.

April Public Holidays:

Aside from the Easter long weekend, April has other significant public holidays to note, including ANZAC Day on April 25. This day is a poignant reminder of Australia’s military history and is observed with various ceremonies and tributes across the nation.

Public Holidays 2024 Australia:

New Year’s Day: January 1
Australia Day: January 26
Good Friday: March 29
Easter Monday: April 1
ANZAC Day: April 25
Queen’s Birthday: June 10 (most states, October 3 QLD)
Labour Day: Varies by state (March 11 for VIC, October 7 for NSW, May 6 for QLD)
Christmas Day: December 25
Boxing Day: December 26
Each state and territory in Australia might have its unique public holidays, reflecting local customs and historical significance. Always check your local state’s official calendar for the most accurate information.

Australia Public Holiday 2024:

In 2024, the public holidays in Australia offer a blend of traditional and culturally significant days that bring together communities, families, and friends. From national celebrations like Australia Day to more localized events such as Labour Day, each holiday contributes to the Australian cultural tapestry.

2024 Holidays:

This year is filled with opportunities for Australians to take a break and enjoy the moment. Whether it’s the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starting on Boxing Day or the festive celebrations of Christmas Day, 2024 promises a full calendar of engaging activities and significant rest periods.


What are the exact dates for the Easter holidays in 2024?
In 2024, Easter holidays in Australia will be observed from March 29 (Good Friday) to April 1 (Easter Monday).
How does Australia celebrate ANZAC Day?
ANZAC Day, observed on April 25 each year, is marked by nationwide dawn services, marches, and remembrance ceremonies to honor the military servicemen and women.
Are public holidays the same across all Australian states?
No, while many public holidays are nationally recognized, some states and territories may have unique holidays reflecting local significance.
What is the significance of Australia Day?
Australia Day, celebrated on January 26, marks the arrival of the First Fleet at Port Jackson in New South Wales in 1788 and reflects the nation’s heritage and diverse society.
How do Australians typically spend their public holidays?
Australians often spend public holidays engaging in outdoor activities, family gatherings, and cultural events, depending on the nature of the holiday.
Is there any public holiday for indigenous recognition in Australia?
National Reconciliation Week is not a public holiday but is an important time for learning about and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
What happens if a public holiday falls on a weekend in Australia?
If a public holiday falls on a weekend, the subsequent Monday is typically given as a substitute public holiday.
Can employers require employees to work on public holidays in Australia?
Yes, but employees working on public holidays may be entitled to extra pay or compensatory leave, depending on their employment agreements.
Are stores and businesses open on public holidays in Australia?
This varies by holiday and by state; however, major stores might open with reduced hours, particularly on significant holidays like Easter and Christmas.
What are the least known public holidays in Australia?
Days like Canberra Day and the Royal Queensland Show Day (Ekka) are lesser-known and celebrated primarily in specific regions.
Are conveyancers and law firms open on public holidays in Australia?
Typically, conveyancers and law firms in Australia are closed on public holidays. However, this can vary depending on the firm and the specific public holiday. Many professional services like law firms prioritize giving their staff time off on national holidays, though some might offer limited availability for urgent matters. It’s advisable to check directly with specific conveyancers or law firms to confirm their operating hours during public holidays if you require their services around these dates.

Public holidays in Australia offer a fantastic blend of leisure, cultural celebrations, and historical remembrance. Planning your 2024 around these dates not only ensures you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities for rest and enjoyment but also enriches your understanding and appreciation of Australia’s unique cultural landscape. Remember to check specific state calendars as some holidays vary regionally.


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