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Frequently Asked Conveyancing Questions

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the transfer the ownership of the legal title of land (or property) from one person to the other. A typical conveyancing transaction consists of three stages: before contract, before completion, and after completion.

What is transfer duty?

As conveyancing is the transfer the ownership of the legal title of land (or property), transfer duty will apply. In Queensland, transfer duty on land (or property) is usually calculated on either the unencumbered value of the property or the amount you agree to pay (the consideration), whichever is higher. The higher amount is called the ‘dutiable value’.

Is there a “cooling-off” period?

A cooling-off period is a set number of days after you make a purchase in which you can cancel the transaction. If you take the option to cancel your legal agreement, you may have to pay the seller a termination fee.

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